When we decided to open a B&B, we thought to promote an ecologic, sustainable tourism with a low environmental impact, in order to enhance the beauty of the green hills, the countryside and the sea of this region. It was an ambitious project, with several difficulties, but, in our own small way, we tried to manage the restructuring in an environmentally friendly way.
We installed the photovoltaic panels for the electricity supply and the solar thermal panels for the hot water.

We inserted water saving devices on taps and showers and we installed low-energy light bulbs almost everywhere. Moreover we propose the separate collection and we offer our guests appropriately treated water from the town’s supply system, inviting them to avoid to buy plastic bottles.
Our breakfasts are prepared with local and organic products (zero km) or fair trade products: seasonal fruit, yogurt, cereals, biscuits, cakes, bread, fruit juices, marmalades of grandmother Giuseppina, honey, raw cane sugar, milk, coffee, the, infusions, cocoa, chocolate cream.
We are available on request to provide different breakfasts in particular cases: food allergies or intolerances, vegetarian or vegan diet,…
We provide our washing machine with ecological detergents and every apartments is equipped with friendly cleaning products (Officina Naturae)